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January 04th, 2010 | Author:

My aunt sent us this joke before Christmas.

The big question:  Are Santa’s reindeer male or female?  As the joke goes, apparently all of his reindeer must be female because only women would be able to drag a fat man in a red suit all around the world in just one night and not get lost.  Okay, even my dad laughed at that one.

But maybe the joke isn’t that far off – well, at least as far as whether they are male or female.  According to the University of Alaska, older male reindeer start shedding their antlers in December but female reindeer keep theirs until they give birth in the spring.  So it’s likely that if Santa’s reindeer were males, they would have lost their antlers by Christmas.  But since most pictures are drawn with antlers on all of the reindeer, even though they have male names, it’s more likely that Santa’s reindeer were probably female reindeer.

Now, the bigger question.  Does it really matter?  No, but it makes for a good joke.

December 22nd, 2009 | Author:

I don’t expect little kids to read my blog so I think it’s safe to write the truth here.

My parents were like most parents.  They lied about Santa, where he lived, how he delivered presents all over the world in just one night, and most of all, how he was real and that his reindeer could magically fly.

My grandparents live on a farm in North Dakota. Having been there many times and seeing the different animals they raise, I knew that animals couldn’t fly.  I was in kindergarten when I started to ask more questions about Santa and his reindeer.  I figured that if my grandpa’s cows couldn’t fly, then probably neither could reindeer.

So at age five, I came right out and asked Mom and Dad again if Santa was real. Apparently, they suspected that I might be too smart for them to continue the lie.  But before they confessed, they questioned why I was asking.

I proceeded to explain my logic.  There wasn’t much time for Mom to decide how to respond.  In a matter of minutes, she confessed everything and said how smart I was to figure it all out at such a young age.

After the Santa truth was revealed, Mom then told me that a lot of other kids probably still believed in Santa and his flying reindeer.  She said I had to be a big boy and make sure I didn’t tell the other kids what I had learned so I wouldn’t spoil it for them.

I agreed not to tell.

Just because I had figured out that Santa wasn’t real, it didn’t spoil the fun and excitement of Christmas for me.  Mom and Dad still hide one present until Christmas eve and then put it under the tree for Christmas morning with a tag that says, To Jason, From Santa.

Santa doesn’t have to be real to make Christmas magical.

Leave me a comment and tell me how and when you or your kids learned the Santa Truth?

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December 16th, 2008 | Author:
First day of sorting donations

Sorting Rady bags-Day 1

We are still receiving donations for the hospital gift bags.  And by the way, THANKS to everyone who has helped so much.  I’ll be posting stuff after we deliver these on Friday so make sure to check back Saturday.

On Sunday, we started laying out all the things that people have sent.  We still weren’t sure what size of bags to buy until we sorted through everything.

Yesterday, we finally bought the 50 bags we needed to organize all the toys, games, books, color crayons, DVD’s, etc. for the kids at Rady Children’s Hospital, San Diego.  Then it was trying to figure out what to put in each bag.  Some things were better for little kids and other things were good for older kids.  Then we had items donated that were good for all ages so those went in each of the 50 bags. 

Sorting Rady bags-Day 2

Sorting Rady bags-Day 2

Then we had to figure how many for each age category and start putting the gifts in the bags.  Here’s what our system looked like.  It’s a good thing we have a spare play room at home with not much furniture in it because that’s where we were able to spread everything out.  Once the bags were filled, we had to see how many large games and toys we had that will go in their community playroom for all the kids.

My dad called Enterprise rental car in town to see if they would donate a small van for the day since all this might not fit in his car.  We haven’t heard anything back from them yet though.

Now that we have the bags sorted, filled, and put into age categories, we’re going to make tags for each one so that when the hospital staff distributes them, they can look at the tag and see if it’s better for a boy or girl and what age.

I really do feel like Santa.  I just hope it’s not raining on Friday when we need to go there.