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December 07th, 2010 | Author:

“Where did the time go,” is usually something you hear old people say.  But even for me, I wonder where this whole year went too.  It seems like it was summer not too long ago and that I just started high school last week.

With Christmas right around the corner, I  just finished my 2nd Annual Teddy Bear Fundraiser for Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego, California.  Through the support and generous donations from people all over the country and even a few in Japan, I was able to raise $1,475, including my own money, to buy 500 teddy bears for the kids.  Although we didn’t reach last year’s amount, I know each bear will make a difference in someone’s life.

Bears of all sizes, colors and shapes have been ordered and should arrive by the end of this week. They get unpacked from their boxes, sorted, and then my parents and I will tie a donation tag on each and every bear with the name of the person that donated. After each one has their special name tag around their neck, they are neatly packed again in larger bags ready for their trip to San Diego on December 18.

500 bears will be fill about 10 large bags.  Since we don’t have a mini-van, we contacted our local Enterprise Rent-A-Car in Temecula, California.  They were generous and offered to give us a half-price deal on a rental and said they would check to see if they could make a full donation. So hopefully, by the time the delivery date comes, they will be able to do that.  Either way, I appreciate their support and help toward this effort.

Thank you to every person who donated to this great cause. I couldn’t have done this without you. To see a list of the supporters, please visit Pencil Bugs. After we deliver the bears, I will post a short video and update to this story. The video is now online on my YouTube Channel.

Charity should not be just at Christmas. Since I started my business, I have been donating to help kids in various ways throughout the year. There are so many good causes and people that need help in different situations. 2011 may be the start of something new in my charitable efforts. Stay tuned.

September 24th, 2010 | Author:

Last month as I began high school, I thought it was best to take a break from writing my blog. I figured high school would be a lot different than middle school and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t overloaded with things that could distract from school work.

It’s now been a month and school is going great! I have a lot of new friends and some great teachers. I realize the importance of teachers assigning homework but I have never understood why teachers assign busy work. Well, I’m glad to say that these teachers agree. They teach in class, assign work to make sure we understand the material, and sometimes even give us time at the end of class to start on homework. That makes sense! It’s no surprise that people, including kids, are overscheduled these days. Giving busy work is just plain unproductive.

After this short month of adjusting to high school life, I am now ending my hiatus from my blog. I will be writing weekly posts again (usually on Sundays) and if an idea strikes me during the week, I will post then also.

Thanks to my followers for hanging in there with me. I hope that you will share my blog with your friends and family. If you subscribe, you’ll get an email notification when I post something new.

If you haven’t checked out my Christmas fundraiser to donate teddy bears to kids at Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego, please visit Pencil Bugs and consider making a donation. Every little bit helps. You would be surprised what a soft, teddy bear can do for a kid while they are in the hospital.

December 05th, 2009 | Author:

When I started my charity project in August to give teddy bears to kids at Rady Children’s Hospital for Christmas this year, I was hoping I would raise enough money including my own to buy 250 bears.  Things were going pretty well.  By the beginning of November, I had raised enough to buy almost 400 bears.  I was pretty happy and I knew the hospital would be too.

My plan was to tie donation tags on every bear and put each person’s name who donated money to help.   At that time, 400 bears seems liked a lot to tie on individual tags, but since we would be delivering them on December 18, we still had plenty of time.

Then the week before Thanksgiving, my project exploded!  KNSD TV (NBC) in San Diego came to my house to interview me for their news.   I had pre-ordered 100 bears so they could see what the bears were like.   I had a great time.  The very next day,MSN.com picked up my story and before long, I was receiving donations from all over the country.   With just a little over a week left to donate, things were adding up quickly.

40 boxes of bearsOnce everything was calculated, the grand total was 1800 bears. So that our entire garage wasn’t completely filled with teddy bears all at once, we ordered 1000 bears. 40 large boxes arrived on Wednesday by UPS.  I think our UPS driver was more than a little surprised when he got the order to deliver to our house.  He actually called ahead of time to make sure someone would be home which Mom and Dad appreciated.  I was excused from a school field trip on Thursday so I could start unpacking, sorting, counting, and tagging the 1000 bears that arrived.

Tying donation tags on each one went a lot faster than we had expected.  Being organized ahead of time by printing the tags, punching holes in them, cutting pieces of yarn to tie them onto the bears, and even stringing them really helped the whole process.  Of course Mom and Dad helped a lot. Otherwise, I would still be tying on tags instead of writing this blog.

We finished everything in about 6 hours.  Once all the bears were tagged, we put them in large bags, ready for delivery.

It’s a good thing we don’t have a big family because we now have very large bags and boxes of teddy bears all over our house and we still have 700 more bears to do the whole process over again next weekend.

Thank you again to everyone who donated and supported my project.  Our coordinator at Rady was amazed when we called to tell her we had a few more than our original plan of 250.  All she could say was “WOW”!

Stay tuned for my post after we deliver them.  We’re still hoping for a rental company to donate the use of a small truck for delivery.  It should be a fun job loading all of the bags and boxes in the truck but even more fun unloading them at the hospital.

August 09th, 2009 | Author:

Life is about believing what you can’t see.  When you believe, it becomes real to you.  Think of when you were little.  You believed in Santa Clause and he was like a real person to you.  Believing is like magic — it makes dreams into realities.

The problem with society is that after we start growing up, people start deminishing our fantasies.  Those who continue to dream and BELIEVE are much happier in life.  It’s like they are still a child at heart.   Sometimes people who continue to believe are looked down upon as being childish or immature.   But when you believe in yourself, you are more likely to accomplish what you set out to do.  Do you think Thomas Edison would have been able to invent the things he did if he didn’t believe in himself? 

For those who have been to Seaworld in San Diego, you might remember that their Shamu show is titled “Believe.”  If that philosophy is good enough for Seaworld, it should be good enough for us. 

 “When you believe you can achieve” as the saying goes, so start believing and your dreams may just come true.

April 26th, 2009 | Author:

I’ve said this before but I think it is worth saying again, “A little bit can make a BIG difference”.   A lot of people don’t give to charity because they think that they have to give a lot or can’t afford even a little.  The fact is, it doesn’t have to be money or gifts.  Sometimes volunteering your time may be just what someone needs.

When I first started my business, I donated money to a local foster family agency.  Last year, I started buying toys and games to put together gift bags for the kids in Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego, CA.  Even though I don’t get to deliver them to the kids personally because of my age, I know I am making a lot of kids happy and hopefully making there stay in the hospital not so bad.

 I just found out that Rady was ranked in the top 25 children’s hospitals in the US by Parents Magazine (Feb 2009 issue).  Rady is also part of the Children’s Miracle Network.  Each year, Rady helps tens of thousands of children.  Thay are building a new facility which will help them care for even more kids in the future.

Helping a children’s hospital is a good place to start since they need so many things for the kids each day.  I deliver my donations every quarter so if anyone is interested in helping out, please contact me through my website.