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December 15th, 2008 | Author:

I’ve heard people say “it never rains in southern California.”  A big HA!  Last night it started dumping and it rained all day.  This year my locker at school is inside but we go between portables for classes.  The rain was coming down so hard and the wind was blowing sideways that by the time we went from first to second period, our pants were drenched.  Umbrellas were blowing inside out and kids were rushing around trying to keep from getting totally soaked.  It didn’t work.   Everyone was wet from head to toe.  I felt sorry for the 6th graders having their lockers outside because the school didn’t fix the overhangs right last year and from personal experience last year, you might as well not even tried to keep things dry because it was impossible!   I finally kept my text books in jumbo ziplock bags all winter last year.

We may be getting dumped on but at least it’s not FREEZING!