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December 20th, 2008 | Author:

Oh, what a day yesterday!   It was a long time in coming and lots to do.  While I was in school, both of my elves were working hard getting all the toys, books, and games into the 50 bags I delivered to Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego.

Rental van full of gift bags

Rental van full of gift bags

When it came time to load everything in the sleigh (aka my dad’s car), it didn’t all fit.  So mama elf jumped on the phone and called Enterprise Rent-a-Car.  They weren’t able to donate the use of a van but were nice enough to give us a discount.  Even with that, it was still full by the time we got the 50 individual bags for the kids and the six extra large bags filled with toys and games for the community playroom at the hospital.

I had a short day at school so by lunch, we were off to San Diego.   When we got there, a camera woman from the local NBC station was waiting for me.   Since I was invited to be on the 4:30pm news, they wanted to film a few minutes of me with all the toys.

Oops, I blinked!

Oops, I blinked!

The people at Rady are so grateful that I’ve chosen them to support with my donations that the coordinator, Shelley Borree, presented me with an Appreciation Certificate.  I was really surprised but I can’t take all the credit.   There were many people who were generous and donated their own products to help with this project.  They are all listed on my website so please take a look.

I didn’t have a chance to meet the kids in the hospital this time but I really hope my gift bags help them have a nice holiday season and maybe make their time in the hospital not quite so bad.

After we unloaded everything from the van, we had a little time until I was supposed to be at the TV station.  We walked around the 5-story mall they have downtown near the studio and got lost many times since it was so big.  Right across the street and next to the studio was an ice rink which was cool!  Literally! 🙂


Finally it was time to check it with the news producer.  I was a little nervous since it was the first time on live TV but it went very well and amazingly enough, a 3-minute interview goes by pretty fast even if you’re nervous.

A HUGE thank you again to everyone who donated to help make Christmas in the hospital a bit more enjoyable for a lot of kids this year.

December 16th, 2008 | Author:
First day of sorting donations

Sorting Rady bags-Day 1

We are still receiving donations for the hospital gift bags.  And by the way, THANKS to everyone who has helped so much.  I’ll be posting stuff after we deliver these on Friday so make sure to check back Saturday.

On Sunday, we started laying out all the things that people have sent.  We still weren’t sure what size of bags to buy until we sorted through everything.

Yesterday, we finally bought the 50 bags we needed to organize all the toys, games, books, color crayons, DVD’s, etc. for the kids at Rady Children’s Hospital, San Diego.  Then it was trying to figure out what to put in each bag.  Some things were better for little kids and other things were good for older kids.  Then we had items donated that were good for all ages so those went in each of the 50 bags. 

Sorting Rady bags-Day 2

Sorting Rady bags-Day 2

Then we had to figure how many for each age category and start putting the gifts in the bags.  Here’s what our system looked like.  It’s a good thing we have a spare play room at home with not much furniture in it because that’s where we were able to spread everything out.  Once the bags were filled, we had to see how many large games and toys we had that will go in their community playroom for all the kids.

My dad called Enterprise rental car in town to see if they would donate a small van for the day since all this might not fit in his car.  We haven’t heard anything back from them yet though.

Now that we have the bags sorted, filled, and put into age categories, we’re going to make tags for each one so that when the hospital staff distributes them, they can look at the tag and see if it’s better for a boy or girl and what age.

I really do feel like Santa.  I just hope it’s not raining on Friday when we need to go there.