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June 20th, 2009 | Author:

Everyone’s story starts somewhere.  You never were the only one who caused something to happen.  My business was not because of me.  I had a long chain reaction to get to where I am today.

  • I have a business book coming out in 2010.
  • I wouldn’t have written my book if I hadn’t done my 12 Biz Tips of Christmas on this blog.
  • I wouldn’t have a blog if I didn’t have my business.
  • I wouldn’t have started my business if my Pencil Bugs hadn’t been so popular at the craft fair.
  • I wouldn’t have had to come up with my own idea if my mom would have let me help her paint her wooden door stoppers for the craft fair.
  • She wouldn’t have been doing the door stoppers if grandma didn’t ask her if she wanted to take part in the craft fair.
  • Grandma wouldn’t have been  in the craft fair if she wouldn’t have been painting watercolor greeting cards.
  • Grandma wouldn’t have started watercolor painting if mom hadn’t encouraged her to try something new.

I could go back even farther but you see how this works.  When someone asks me how I got started, I usually give them the condensed version and simply say that it all started from a craft that my grandma was doing in North Dakota.  Everything has many more steps in the process to get you to where you are today. 

As you can see, it was not just my doing to create my business.  It was thanks to what many people did.  Remember that everything you do will affect someone else.  If any one of these pieces to my puzzle were missing, I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing now.  You can’t do anything alone and every move you make will fill into someone else’s chain reaction.

January 01st, 2009 | Author:

#1 – If you believe big things will happen, there’s a better chance they will.



When you’re a little kid, you usually think you can do anything.  Then people grow up and pretty soon they start using the word “can’t” too much.  Luckily, my mom and dad have always told me I can do amazing things if I just set my mind to it.   They believe in me even when I don’t always believe in myself because sometimes it’s hard to do that.

It shouldn’t be that hard.  It’s just positive thinking and it’s something everyone can do if they really want to.  I’ve heard of people taping pictures of things to their fridge when they want something.  They figure if they see the picture every day, then maybe they’ll believe it will happen or they’ll get what they want.

I’ve never done that and I don’t think my parents have either because you don’t always need a picture of something to believe.  My grandpa always says, “I’ll believe it when I see it.”  But sometimes it’s the opposite.  “You’ll see it because you believe it.”

Think about that one for awhile.

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December 13th, 2008 | Author:

#1 – Help someone because even the smallest thing can make a difference.

Starting today, I’ll be giving one tip per day until Christmas.  These are things that I’ve been taught by my parents in my everyday life but also things that I’ve learned from having my business and meeting a lot of other people that have helped me along the way.

Check back every day to read the next tip.  Merry Christmas!

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