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March 18th, 2009 | Author:

Awhile ago, my parents were talking with someone about marketing ideas but it wasn’t specifically about my business.  In fact, the guy didn’t even know I had a business.  After they talked for awhile, he made a really interesting comment.  He said it’s a lot easier to advertise and sell just about anything if you have any of the following associated with the product or service.

  1. A kid
  2. A cute kid
  3. A dog
  4. A cute dog

When Mom and Dad told me what the guy said, we all had a good laugh.  Then I started thinking about different ads I’ve seen on TV.  Doesn’t it make you want to buy whatever the product is if you see a cute little kid playing with a fluffy puppy in a commercial?  Even as a kid myself, I notice those commercials more and I bet parents, or even adults that aren’t parents, do too.

I haven’t done research on this myself but apparently there is a lot of money spent on kid-related products and pet items.  So I guess the guy’s comment sort of makes sense.  At least it’s something to think about.  Hmmmm?  🙂

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December 16th, 2008 | Author:
My Santa dog, Rusty

My Santa dog, Rusty

Why do pet owners dress their pets, especially dogs, in holiday costumes?   And then we make them pose and take pictures of them.  Do we think they like it?   I wonder sometimes.   But my mom has done that to our dog a few years ago.   

I guess she didn’t mind having the Santa hat on and we were surprised she sat still as long as she did but I wonder what goes through their heads.

She hasn’t dressed up Rusty since then.  But check out these other photos.  My aunt has a dog that can fit any holiday.  These are pretty funny.  Leave a comment and tell me what you think and I’ll pass it along to her.

Christmas Shelby

Christmas Shelby

Gardener Shelby

Gardener Shelby

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December 13th, 2008 | Author:
Rusty begging

Rusty begging

Here’s my dog, Rusty.  We got her from a rescue home almost 5 years ago.  She’s a cocker spaniel mix but we’re not sure the the “mix” part is.  She had some real problems when we got her but after knowing that we weren’t going to hurt her, she softened up a lot.

Whoever had her before must have taught her at least one trick because right from the beginning, she was able to “shake hands.”  We’ve been teaching her other tricks since then.



   Here’s the list:

  1. Shake hands
  2. Roll over
  3. Sit
  4. Stay
  5. Lie down
  6. Crawl (on her stomach if you can believe that)
  7. Walk on her back legs only
  8. Dance on her back legs in a circle
  9. Hop on her back legs
  10. Catch a piece of food in the air after we set it on the tip of her nose
  11. Beg

We’re working her on covering her eyes with her front paws and playing “dead” but that’s taking a little while.  She’s been a good dog and I’m glad we got her.

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