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March 08th, 2009 | Author:

This weekend I went to my friend’s sister’s play produced by CYT which is Christian Youth Theatre.  The play was Jungle Book and it was phenomenal.  I always love the way they do the lights and all of their songs are so amazing, I just want to go see it again.  My friend’s sister was one of the village girls and I was surpised at intermission when I ran into a friend that was at my school last year who played a gazelle.  There were kids from 5-18 in the play.

I have wanted to be in plays and act ever since I was little and after I saw this performance I wanted to do it again, but I don’t really have over 10 hours a week to put into it at this point.

November 08th, 2008 | Author:

Today, we went to see the play, “Seussical, the Musical” presented by CYT.  My best friend’s sister was in the play as one of The Whos.  It was really good, especially because all the kids in the play have to be under 18.

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