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March 25th, 2009 | Author:


Now that’s the stuff every news station should have on TV.    The kid’s name is Ian Delucca.  He goes to Millikan High School in Long Beach, CA.  He’s probably a pretty regular kid except that when President Obama came to Orange County, CA for his speech, Ian got a little more creative than most and was determined to see the President close up.  He talked his mom into driving him to Long Beach airport using the reason that he wanted to write an article for his school newspaper about the President.  Very clever!

One thing led to another and before he knew it, he was on the press bus with all the big-time reporters and photographers.  He saw Obama walk down the stairs of Air Force One but didn’t get a chance to ask him questions or shake his hand.  Seeing him that close would have been awesome enough.   I bet he was excited and probably pinched himself a few times.  Amazingly enough though, he was able to take his picture right along with the rest of the other photographers. 

Surprisingly, he got invited back to see the President leave Long Beach the next day.  When they saw that his name wasn’t on the press list, they told him he’d have to leave.    Since his mom wasn’t there to pick him up, he told them he’d have to walk home.  His quick thinking ended up getting him another press pass and in with the press crowd as they all waited and watched to see President Obama before he left.

Of course it’s not good to crash the party but he definitely had guts and since he wasn’t doing anything bad or illegal, it just showed how smart and creative he is.   He’ll be telling that story for as long as he lives.  I bet he didn’t even sleep that night because he was so excited.  I know I would have been.

If you missed the story on the news and want the details first hand, you can read the article that ran in the Orange County Register.

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They always say in school to research a topic but what that really means is to search for something again.  So more people, in my opinion, should be searching for things that haven’t already been found.  When people get grants for medical research, aren’t they just spending money to look for something that has already been searched for?  If all that money went to searching for new things, then more would get done and the world would evolve quicker.  How many times have you heard that someone say, “I’m doing research on something” compared to “I’m searching for something”?   It’s a lot easier to research a topic because information is already out there somewhere and you know there’s a good chance you’ll find it if you keep researching.

Astronomers search for new stars and planets but once they’re found, other people then do research on them.

When you think about searching versus researching, I’d rather be the person who is searching for something new.    It’s like thinking outside the box which is a good thing.  I guess inventors and entrepreneurs could be considered “searchers” since they find new ways of doing things or new products.   It’s a good thing there have always been people willing to search for things; otherwise we would still be living in caves and using stones as tools.

So we have to keep our minds wide open and start searching for new possibilites, not just researching things that are already here.

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My family has a rule about using cell phones or playing handheld games at the table.  It doesn’t matter if we’re eating at home or in a restaurant.  It’s not polite either place.

I don’t think anyone likes being ignored and if someone says they don’t mind, I wouldn’t believe them.  People think that just because almost everyone has a cell phone, it’s ok to talk and text anywhere, anytime.  No big deal, right?

We were in a restaurant and so many people were either talking on their phones or texting.  Nobody seemed to care or get bugged.  The table next to us had a mom, dad, and three kids.  The kids were playing on a game system, the mom was talking to the dad, but he was texting at the same time.  None of them put down their electronics even when the waitress came to take their order.  After she left, the dad picked up a newspaper and started reading it while the mom was still talking to him.  I guess that was enough to bug her because she told him to put down the paper.  It’s funny how she didn’t seem to care that he wasn’t paying attention to her when he was on his phone but when the newspaper was in front of his face, that changed things.

I only have a basic, pay-as-you-go phone which my parents gave me for emergencies when I started middle school last year.   Every three months, they refill the units.  I don’t use it much because if I run out of minutes before the three months is up, I have to buy more minutes myself.  Even though I don’t like that part, it’s taught me how to manage time better.

Mom said when she was in first grade a million years ago, they had a week or so when they learned phone manners.  The school had regular desk phones that weren’t plugged in but the kids took turns learning how to answer a call politely,  how to ask for their friend if they called their house or how to take a message.   I had a friend in elementary school that used to call me and if Mom picked up the phone, he would just say “hi” and nothing else.  She knew who he was so the first couple of times, she asked him if he wanted to talk with me.  After that, she decided to teach him what he should say.   It took him a couple of times but after that, he actually said, “Hi, this is so-and-so.  May I speak with Jason?”

Maybe schools or even just parents should teach their own kids about phone manners?  It’s not brain surgery.  🙂

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Awhile ago, my parents were talking with someone about marketing ideas but it wasn’t specifically about my business.  In fact, the guy didn’t even know I had a business.  After they talked for awhile, he made a really interesting comment.  He said it’s a lot easier to advertise and sell just about anything if you have any of the following associated with the product or service.

  1. A kid
  2. A cute kid
  3. A dog
  4. A cute dog

When Mom and Dad told me what the guy said, we all had a good laugh.  Then I started thinking about different ads I’ve seen on TV.  Doesn’t it make you want to buy whatever the product is if you see a cute little kid playing with a fluffy puppy in a commercial?  Even as a kid myself, I notice those commercials more and I bet parents, or even adults that aren’t parents, do too.

I haven’t done research on this myself but apparently there is a lot of money spent on kid-related products and pet items.  So I guess the guy’s comment sort of makes sense.  At least it’s something to think about.  Hmmmm?  🙂

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March 17th, 2009 | Author:

Mom and Dad have the philosophy that “if you are able to do it yourself, then you should.”

Our yard is pretty big and when we first moved into the house, Dad wasn’t so excited about doing yard work.  He tried out a couple of gardeners but they always left something undone.  Finally, Dad decided to buy a lawn mower and do it himself.  Of course, that meant Mom and I helped out too.

It’s actually not that bad unless a few weeks go by and we don’t have time to take care of the weeds and grass and other stuff.  That’s what happened recently.  My business had been keeping all of us on the go so much that the yard had to wait longer than normal.   Dad started on one side of the back yard and Mom and I picked weeds around the garden box.   We both looked at the hundreds of little weeds in between the tiny pebbles and didn’t like the thought of picking all of them.  It was a HUGE job but if we didn’t do it, the weeds would just keep growing and the job would be worse later on.

Mom said, “just start with one weed at a time and don’t look at the whole garden.”  Before I knew it, I had a large square area with no weeds.  The job that I thought was impossible ended up not being that bad.

I’m not saying doing the whole garden area wasn’t hard because it did take us quite awhile to finish everything.   But sometime not looking at the big picture, makes the job a lot easier.

It’s the same with anything in life that seems to big to handle.  It could be homework, chores around the house, yard work, or even business related stuff.  Just start with one weed at a time and work from there.  Pretty soon, you’ll see that you accomplished more than you thought you could and it wasn’t that bad.

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